M1825 "Marechaussee" Bayonet

To be fixed on the M1825 "Marechaussee" Carbine 

Above: Dutch M1825 "Marechaussee" bayonet (collection Dutch Army Museum)
Below: Bayonet in folded position on the carbine (collection
Dutch Army Museum)

The M1825 "Marechaussee" Carbine was issued on 25 December 1844, around the same time as the introduction of the percussion system. The plan was to convert the weapons of the Marechaussee (Military Police) to this percussion system, but before they could start with this another problem needed to be solved first: that of the bayonet.

Dutch M1825 "Marechaussee" Carbine

In February 1844, the 'portable weapons inspector' received the order to inquire if it was possible to mount the bayonet permanently to the carbine in such a way that it was foldable alongside the barrel. The reason behind this request was because there were many complaints of the Mounted-Marechaussee that their bayonets were often in their way when they were on a horse.

Two models were tested on 5 March 1844. The first bayonet was equipped with a 'tail slot' which was pushed/shoved onto a barrel mounted lug. The second model was a foldable bayonet which was attached to the barrel with a screw and pivot. The position of both models was secured by a small spring with a tail in order to fold the bayonet in and out. At the end of the testing phase, the second (foldable) model was chosen.    


Left: Shank mounted with a pivot to a bar (with tailed spring) on the barrel
Right: Bayonet in forward position (BAR maker logo on ricasso)

The final version of the foldable bayonet had a shank that is mounted with a pivot to a bar which is welded to the barrel. The bar is fitted with a spring with a catch to fix the bayonet in the forward or reversed position. In the reversed position, the point is held by a hook to the foremost band. Only 1200 pieces were ever manufactured.

Overall Length: 570 mm
Blade Length: 475 mm
Socket Length: 69,3 mm
Shank Length: 11 mm

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