Converted Klewang Bayonet

To be fixed on the Model 1936 (Type 96) Light Machinegun 

Above: Converted Klewang bayonet (collection Dutch Army Museum)

The Klewang is a very infamous Dutch sword (manchete). It was originally developed for use by KNIL anti-guerrilla units in the region of Aceh on Sumatra in the former Netherlands East Indies. These units started to use Klewangs in 1898, soon followed by the Army in the colonies and in the mother country, the Navy and the Police.

Above: Original Dutch Klewang used by the Royal Netherlands East indies Army (KNIL)

This Klewang was converted into a bayonet by probably a local Indonesian blacksmith around 1946, for use in the struggle for decolonization against the KNIL. The blade of the Klewang was shortened and the hand guard was removed. A Dutch look-a-like version of a M1895 bayonet pommel was added together with a new grip and crossguard with hooked quillon.


Left: Dutch M1895 bayonet look-a-like pommel
Right: Crossguard with hooked quillon, Hembrug marking on the ricasso

Overall Length: 549 mm
Blade Length: 433 mm
Muzzle Ring: 14,3 mm

Converted Klewang Bayonet Collection:


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