Kiffe-Made Dutch AR-10 Bayonet

To be fixed on the Dutch AR-10 Assault Rifle

Before the Dutch started to make their own AR-10 bayonet, the Kiffe company made commercial bayonets for the Dutch AR-10 Assault Rifle. It is known that The company of Kiffe (New York, USA) did not make most of these bayonets themselves but let them make by a Japanese company (probably 'Howa').

This bayonet is basically a high quality copy of the US M4 bayonet. The only big difference is the strange bend shape of the guard to the muzzle ring. The handle is made of compressed leather washers with six grooves ground into the leather surface. The scabbard is similar to the US M8 scabbard, with a webbing belt loop secured by two rivets. Overall length of the scabbard is 330 mm.

Most of these types of Kiffe-Made Dutch AR-10 bayonets are marked with "KIFFE" / "JAPAN" on the ricasso.

More info about the Dutch AR-10 Assault Rifle (and Dutch made AR-10 bayonet) can be found here.

Left: M4 style blade with a single edge and a long false edge.
Right: Typical bend guard of the Kiffe-Made Dutch AR-10 Bayonet

Overall Length: 290 mm
Blade Length: 167 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 22 mm

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