M1941 "Johnson" Bayonet

To be mounted on the M1941 Johnson semi-auto Rifle

In 1940 The Dutch Commander of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) faced a very big problem with gaining new weapons for their war against the Japanese. Initially he wanted to buy weapons that were already in mass production such as the Colt R75 and R80 and the the standard US Army rifle the Garand. Because the Colts were too heavy and all attempts failed to obtain the Garand riffles form the US War Department it was decided to buy the complete new semi automatic Johnson rifle. The only problem was that this weapon wasn't in production yet and there also wasn't a production line set up. A building and production machines were bought and personnel was trained and hired. This meant that it was because of the KNIL that this weapon came in production. Tens of millions of dollars were needed to make this happen, mainly paid by the Dutch. 

Initially the KNIL ordered 10.200 rifles which were meant for the KNIL and the Civil Guards. Later this order was increased to 25.000 rifles which also included the needs of the Royal Navy. The first rifles and bayonets arrived in 1941. It was then that the KNIL together with the US Army were the first who were equipped with semi automatic rifles.


The M1941 "Johnson" Bayonet has a very unique shape in order to be very small and light to minimize problems with the recoiling barrel when mounted on the rifle. M1941 "Johnson" Bayonets have become very scarce and are often copied and sold for authentic ones. I am very happy that mine is in fact an authentic piece.  

Overall Length: 302 mm
Blade Length: 204 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14,5 mm

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