Dutch Anti Aircraft Support No.1
(Infantry variation) 

To be fixed on the M1895 Infantry Rifle

S. Gibson collection

This Dutch Anti Aircraft Support No.1 was used for the M.95 rifle to act as a improvised support for the M.20 Machinegun in order to fire at Aerial Targets. These supports were pole (rod) shaped with on one end a M.95 bayonet pommel for the M.95 rifle and carbine, and on the other end a swiffel with a gaff-shaped sprocket (toggle) in which the cordon bracket of the M.20 machinegun was hooked. This achieved a firing height of well over 1.70 meters.

These Anti Aircraft Supports were issued since 1935. Until 1940 four different models were issued. One model for the M.95 rifles (with a length of 52 cm) and three different models for the M.95 carbines (with a length of 86 cm).

The official names for these supports were:
Anti Aircraft Support No.1 (M.95 rifle, Infantry)
Anti Aircraft Support No.2 (M.95 Carbine No.1 New Model, Cavalry)
Anti Aircraft Support No.3 (M.95 Carbine No.4, Bicycle Corps and Military Police)
Anti Aircraft Support No.4 (M.95 Carbine No.3, Artillery, Engineers, Motorbikes)


S. Gibson collection

These Anti Aircraft Supports were carried inside a leather scabbard in which also a two piece pump rod and several other items for the M.20 machinegun were carried.

SI Publications collection

Overall Length: 520 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14,5 mm

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